Daily Prompt: A Jolt of Spring at Hidden Lake Gardens

When I saw “Jolt” I immediately thought of the Jolt cola that supposedly they are still making.

Hidden Lake Gardens has become a big dog walking place lately.  Cool as long as you clean up so they don’t ban this practice for everyone.

God Bless Everyone This Easter Season

It was such a beautiful morning out here I decided to make a photo shoot out of my little stroll on the grounds.

Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

If you’re a garden!

“But green‘s the color of spring!”

Soon it will be pea-pickin’ time! I used to plant my peas end of March, beginning April, along with other cool weather crops such as lettuce, spinach and radishes. I didn’t especially like radishes but I tolerated them because I grew them myself organically and could enjoy the fruits of my labor within 30 days! Lettuce and spinach took a little longer if I could keep the rabbits away. Loved living out in the country more when I gardened. There were no small varmints to ruin your crops because the big varmints got them and the bigger ones never came around my house though they were sometimes spotted out in the fields.

Even though my garden in the city was not successful at all as far as a source of food, it was a nice sanctuary to relax in after a hard day’s work.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring Landscape

Enjoy a few pictures from spring.  God bless!

The flowers arise, burning our eyes, but it’s worth it!

Breathing New Life

It’s almost here and I can hardly wait!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant Optimism


Two birds!

Hoping to keep blogging in 2016.  I have to renew next month and I’m not sure I am up to this anymore.  I have really lost the enthusiasm I once had to do a good job.  I have not been happy with the quality or consistency of my posts since I started.  I don’t know if others have this problem.  I have always  struggled with many issues in my life and you would think by now I would be used to that and just make myself do it for the sake of others enjoyment.

I don’t have the same drive I did when I was younger.  I had such high hopes for my life about ten years back but when life keeps punching you in the gut without much of a chance to breathe in between, sooner or later you’re going down whether you like it or not.

That being said.  I am planning on stopping my other blog, musingsofamenopausalmaven.com.  Maybe if I concentrate on just pogirlshines.me, I’ll do a better job.  The other blog was meant to be a place that I was going to bitch about life and the state of our country and the world in general and the ideas I have to do something about it, of which I have many.  They are doable, but since fixing things would mean our wealthy and the large corporations would have to start playing fair, probably not going to happen in my lifetime.  Besides we all need to say something or do something.  They tend not to take a handful of people’s opinion very seriously.

I’ll still get in a number of posts before I quit it and I will have to get serious about this blog or stop it as well.  The fact that everyone and his brother and sister blog now, makes me very insignificant in the grand scheme of things, even though we’re all different and we all count.  I don’t have a thriving social life at this time since I’m older and I don’t drink or do drugs and I still haven’t found a church that excites me to show up to every week let alone become involved in.

Back to the Photo Challenge at hand.  Something vibrant and optimistic.  There is something very vibrant about optimism to begin with.  I guess it’s not super optimistic to be speaking about quitting something, but I think when you lose your passion for something or someone, it shows.

Spring is the perfect example of Vibrant optimism.


Psalms 9 1


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Meaning of the Seasons

Changing seasons are one of the reasons I love Michigan.  There is seldom a dull moment.  I actually don’t have a favorite season anymore but I will say I hate oppressive heat and air conditioning which makes me stay north.

We do enjoy glorious seasons in Michigan.

I will also add that I am now in the season of what some call the “Sunset Years.”  If this is true, I’m in for one looonnnggg and glorious of those too!

SunsetPeace and God bless!

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