Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

Can pure goodness stop pure evil?


Let’s find out in the name of Jesus.  Dare to be a hero.




Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

Scene from frozen this morning after an ice and snow storm.  More due tomorrow.

The poor little birds were still eating the ice-covered berries in the trees.

There was virtually no one outside today and so the birds were very active and hungry after waiting out the storm.


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Enjoy the diversity of my photo display!

Daily Prompt: Everything Changed

Tuesday, December 1, 2015:

I was walking down the street and found an invitation to a Christmas party to be held in a social services center in San Bernardino California for tomorrow.  I think I’ll stop in and drop off a donation of some kind then!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

In life there is light and there is darkness.

Which will you choose?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

War is a relic of our Neanderthal ways.

We all know better and have evolved a bit since then, but instead of stopping this stupidity we use any technical advancements for more diabolical weaponry.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

One of the saddest things about love is when you have to die for it.  Why does anyone have to die for love?  That defeats the purpose of love.  We all need to start living for love and not allowing anyone or anything to make us quit, slow us down or stop us!  We need to make sure that no one has to die for love again.  Too many soldiers and men of peace have died since Jesus gave his life as a sacrifice over 2000 years ago.  Too many lives are ended by those who have no hope or peace in their hearts.  Those who don’t know what love is.  Jesus gave us the knowledge that we truly can do anything if we have enough faith.  He told us that if we really love him, we will keep his commandment of loving one another.  If it wasn’t hard to do, it wouldn’t have to be a commandment, but it can be done.


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