Panoramic Photography

I’m sure you could crop regular photos to appear more panoramic but I used to have a cheap camera that did this.  It was so expensive to develop the photos I stopped using it & sold it at a yard sale.  Not to mention the practicality of this size picture.  The finished size, without enlargement, is approx 3″ x 10.”  I finally got around scanning these so I could post them.  I hope they upload in a manner that enhances this effect without much cropping.

Sunset view from my condo years ago.

A few from Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan during the fall.

Many people still get married in the Martha-Mary Chapel.
View of the Liberty Craftworks area in the distance.
Ackley Covered Bridge.

The remaining photos are of a trip my friend & I took to Wilcox Lake in Edward Hines Park located in Wayne County Michigan to get some reflective fall colors in the lake.  Please click on each photo to enlarge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction of a Life Well Lived

Today was a casual, easy kind of day.  Lots of strange things happening for sure, but that’s on par.  Today I have been in prayer since I woke & that’s how it used to be before everything in my life blew up approximately 8 years ago.  We won’t go into that.

I drank decaf today to start.  I prefer Tim Horton’s but I will drink Caribou because they are both water processed.  The only safe, non-chemical way to take the caffeine from coffee plus it takes most of it out.  The chemical way leaves more caffeine behind with the unneeded chemicals.  These coffees also start out with the Arabica Bean, the most flavorful with less natural caffeine than the Robusta Beans used in cheap coffee blends.  Only had my vitamins and a small piece of homemade coffee cake (recipe to come).  I put on my face and used my hot rollers for the first time in a couple of weeks due to the heat and humidity here were off the charts and decided to try my luck at the Farmers Market in town.

This is bee season and since I have already been stung once last month, I’m not venturing out that often til the first freeze.  They are very active and plentiful this year.  I do have allergies, but mostly localized.  I also had my first deer tick burrow.  Luckily it was not in my leg for more than 12-15 hours or so.  Supposedly if it had Lyme I understand it takes about 24 hours or so to transfer this disease.  Usually within a month you know if you were infected.  No bullseye rash or illness so far over a month now.  I was not feeling well for a while after the bee sting, tiny bee but multiple stings before I could get it out of my clothing.

I was thinking about some financial help I received recently, without requesting it and realized I was able to accept my much needed and deserved help without guilt or reservation because of the life I had lived.  A life of hard work and doing the right thing, never trying to get something for nothing.  I don’t consider my weekly lotto tickets something for nothing, they are an “investment” into our schools.  Also, I have yet to receive anything from my donations to the lottery fund but when I do is sure won’t be something for nothing.  That dollar win will have had many years of dollars given.  It did give me a certain satisfaction to know that God is good and merciful and even though we don’t usually get what we want in life, we usually get our needs met sufficiently.  Man’s problem has always been selfishness and greed and that’s well documented.  It’s when we let go of our wants & needs that I believe God is free to do His will without us fighting Him.  This is what Jesus tried to tell folks when he said not to worry.  Worry does not help anything.  It just gives you more frown lines.

I got some new potatoes to go with local green beans I had purchased the day before.  Love this combo with a little butter and cheese sprinkled on.  Some use bacon, but I prefer cheesing it.  Used Asiago I grated myself this time.  Made a nice lunch.

As I was walking through the small folksy downtown area, I came upon a window all boarded up and then another building in even worse condition.  I noticed the yellow tape to my right but realized I didn’t pay much attention because of various things they do downtown using streamers and balloons and the like, but finally stopped, looked around and realized someone had to have slammed a rather large vehicle into the buildings to do all this damage.  Being from the Detroit area immediately thought smash & grab, which they do all the time all around there and suburbs as well.  Checked online & this is what I found.


I also saw two shops are closing this month.  One a very popular coffee shop, eatery & gift shop of 20 years and another very cute Antique shop of a few years which already has another business in there within the month.  Not sure who.  I have no idea what’s to become of the coffee shop though.  I didn’t get a chance to speak to anyone yet.  Just saw the signs.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridges of

I know I haven’t captured all the bridges on the W.H.L. McCourtie Estate, originally Aiden Lair, but take a look at the few I captured.

I think I posted something years ago around Halloween because of the rumors of it being haunted by a “blue lady.”  Click here for another article on the place.


Daily Prompt: Childhood From a Different Era

My sister and I in front of the piano.

I was born in 1951.  I was blessed that my parents were not able to maintain a household on their own back then.  It was also a curse but that’s a whole nother story that comes out in my book.  From the time I was born until about age five, we all lived with my divorced maternal grandmother and her widowed sister, my Aunt Ruth in a tiny bungalow in Detroit Michigan.

I am only addressing the memories I had with my Aunt Ruth who was born in 1899.  Obviously she was from a completely different era as well as coming from a good family was taught manners and etiquette that is not practiced by many today.  I am thankful that I learned this from her in my short time with her because most of my siblings did not have this privilege and they acted as such.

We were always reminded to act as a little lady or gentleman from both my aunt and grandmother.  This is how they were raised.  You always said please and thank you and the table was always set every night for dinner, not like the slap dash of busy families nowadays.  I remember the teas my aunt would sometimes have for my sister and myself, our grandmother and our other Aunt Lillian that lived nearby when she would visit.  This was after we moved out and my sister and I would spend weekends with them to lessen the load for my mother who had two more at home and was expecting her 5th child.  The three sisters loved to visit and leisurely sip their tea while eating finger sandwiches of cream cheese and watercress with the crusts cut off.  They would always have little cookies or slices of coffee cake that she spread with butter before eating.

Auth Ruth with mom in the 1930’s

Then there were the songs accompanied by the piano or pump organ and my Aunt Ruth took my sister and I with her to Sunday School where she was the organist at Grand River Baptist Church, which was later moved from Detroit to Livonia of all places.  We never prayed much at home and I seldom saw any family members pray about anything except sometimes before a meal or that lovely bedtime one that includes the part of “dying before waking” which is always fun for a child to think about before you turn out the lights.  When I was old enough I would ask, “am I going to die?”  To which whoever was at the light quickly replied “No” and that was it.

Aunt Ruth on the right with a friend around 1920

We played in the gardens in the yards and freely picked and ate any seasonal fruit on the trees or bushes.  I still can’t figure out why more people don’t grow edible plants in their yards anymore.  People liked their children to play outside in good weather.  If it rained or snowed there was sewing projects or coloring.  Sometimes we just sang songs.

Aunt Ruth far left standing with my mom and other relatives. My Aunt Lillian on far right standing.

Thank God there was not the bad influence that is the modern entertainment industry.  It’s like the devil himself has taken everything over.  I have a real problem with the violence and negative messages in most if not all movies and network television programming.  For many years I have called it “hellywood” and “hellivision” rightly so.  We are all little computers so garbage in means garbage out and then when people imitate the car chase they saw a hundred times from a Prius commercial everyone says “why did this happen” on the same network that let them air the bad influence.  Yeah, not very bright.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Meaning of the Seasons

Changing seasons are one of the reasons I love Michigan.  There is seldom a dull moment.  I actually don’t have a favorite season anymore but I will say I hate oppressive heat and air conditioning which makes me stay north.

We do enjoy glorious seasons in Michigan.

I will also add that I am now in the season of what some call the “Sunset Years.”  If this is true, I’m in for one looonnnggg and glorious of those too!

SunsetPeace and God bless!