Weekly Photo Challenge: My Favorite Liquid


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene Lake Superior in the Fall

Taken years ago about mid October but it reminded me of a winters day with the cold winds whipping off Lake Superior.  All the tourists gone.  So Serene.

Some of my family trying to keep warm that day.

Daily Prompt: Sunny Days Should Last Forever!

Sunny days are never long enough.

Lake Superior Shoreline

Weekly Photo Challenge: Po’ Girl Still Shining!

Well, me for instance, from the beautiful Son.


The twinkles that shine at Christmas time.

Sun dancing through the ice crystals after a storm.

Sunshine reflected on Lake Huron.


The beauty at the end of the day is such a blessing to behold.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

FuturetenseCalumet June2011Brooklyn8mos 097
FuturetenseCalumet June2011Brooklyn8mos 091FuturetenseCalumet June2011Brooklyn8mos 057

Lake Superior

A place I hope to be in the near future.

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