Point Pelee National Park

Ontario, Canada.

Land where most of my people are from.

These are pictures from a trip taken 10 years ago with my digital.  It was very different from another trip taken there 20 years before that when our children were young and there were such nice bogs at the time.  Could not find that area, if it even exists anymore.  I have a few pictures taken with a disc camera from the 80’s of the bogs but if any of you are even familiar with that format, you know the quality was not very good.  I had a 35 mm but purchased a Kodak disc because it was smaller, auto focus and didn’t want to risk my good camera in that environment of water and sand.  I always took a cheap camera to the beach.

Mom found an old abandoned Coke machine in the woods.


Bog taken approximately 30 years ago at Point Pelee National Park, Kodak Disc camera.


Daily Prompt: Water, Water Everywhere

Soon there may not be a drop to drink.

Something to think about.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure at the Saugatuck Dunes

Hope you enjoy a few shots from Saugatuck and Holland Michigan taken a few years back.  The dune rides are the best!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

FuturetenseCalumet June2011Brooklyn8mos 097
FuturetenseCalumet June2011Brooklyn8mos 091FuturetenseCalumet June2011Brooklyn8mos 057

Lake Superior

A place I hope to be in the near future.

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