Daily Prompt: Please Don’t Faint

Luke 18 1 yellow treesChildren of God, please do not give up.  Stay strong in the Word & in truth & always practice what you preach! 


McCourtie Park, More Than Meets The Eye

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I took another way home from Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton Michigan because I wanted to swing by Meckleys Flavor Fruit Farm which is packed with cider donuts and cider and everything else you can imagine. I think of it as a cider mill, but there is a petting zoo, gift shop and other things to see and do besides roasting hot dogs on sticks over fire pits.

Upon leaving I noticed the cutest bridge to my right as I drove back down S Jackson Rd to US12 from the farm.  I have been in this area before and had never noticed Bridge Park, or McCourtie Park it’s actual name.  It was created from what was left of “Aiden Lair,” the nickname of the estate owned by wealthy oil and cement tycoon William H L McCourtie.  The home itself no longer stands but the bridgework was renovated and turned into a park located on…

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Vanilla & Berries Coffee Cake for Sunday Morning

Not sure if anyone’s up to baking yet. Not cool enough around here yet.

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Found a recipe for French Vanilla Blueberry Steusel Coffee Cake on the website divascancook.com.  Looked interesting but as usual I changed up the recipe and here it is!



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Daily Prompt: Epitome of Honor

The soldier killed in combat is the epitome of honor.  The greatest gift that can be given is your own life to save another.  God bless our fallen warriors.  Please remember them on this Memorial D…

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Thoughts From Dr Martin Luther King Jr

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Daily Prompt: If I Ruled the World!

Redo for today’s Daily Prompt!

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I’m reminded of the line in the Wizard of Oz “If I were king of the foreeessstttt!”                                                “Not Prince, not Duke, not Earl!”

Just the thought of it makes me feel all puffed up and arrogant.

The law of nature I would change is to take away everyone’s ego so they don’t feel like I just said this line from a song makes me feel.

No one wanting to be better or have more.  No one letting their egos get in the way of anything so people would actually get along, we would have no wars, no contests, etc.

Life would be lived for the sake of life, not the sake of what we want others to think of us or what we want to gain.


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Please Pray for France

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