Daily Prompt: Purple

One of my favorite colors!  Heard purple was a royal color and loved pairing it with yellow or gold in my clothing years ago.  Nature wears it well too!

Purple also reminds me of Prince and his movie “Purple Rain!”

Daily Prompt: Expectations

No more Valentine expectations!

That’s how it is when you are completely single for valentine.  Click here if you are having a problem dealing with this fact.

Please enjoy a few older shots.  I was going to find and scan a picture from years ago of one of my Valentine’s Day hauls but my apartment is too disheveled at this time to look.  Early spring cleaning.  It’s in the 40’s this week and expected to actually hit the upper 50’s in a few days around here.


Now I am a mere ghost to Valentine's Days of the past!

Now I am a mere ghost to Valentine’s Days of the past!

Can't find my favorite teacup since I moved.

Can’t find my favorite teacup since I moved.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Framed up pretty,

the end of another perfect summer!


Daily Prompt: Miniature’s are Fun

I would love to do one of those fairy gardens.  I used to put tiny fairies and elves in my terrariums but of course I don’t know where those shots are when I need them.  Maybe another day.

Found this at Heritage Park in Taylor Michigan of all places.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare Beauty is so Common

Sometimes we look but never see,

Enlightenment is a rarity!

More fun in the Cranbrook Gardens!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning, Good

Good Morning from Mill Pond in Tecumseh, home of the Tecumseh Paddling Company.

Summer Flowers

Hidden Lake Gardens

All God’s people need to remain unstoppable!

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