Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify for Halloween!



grimreaperglow-2 pumpkinrainbowHalloween used to be one of my Favorite Holidays when I was young, after Christmas of course.  Halloween is my oldest son’s favorite and he goes all out in decorating each year.  Sometimes including his own costumes, fave being Brandon Lee’s “The Crow.


Yes folks, that’s his real hair!

Enjoy video from some of his previous Halloweens on youtube.com!  Or even scarier!

One of his earlier Halloweens with a jumping apple head for an apple head doll

One of his earlier Halloweens with a jumping apple head for an apple head doll

As a child I lived near one of the oldest graveyards in the area with stones from the 1700’s at least.  A few of us used to go up there to read them.  Thanks to the television program I watched as a young teen, Dark Shadows, I thought cemeteries were very cool.  Ghosts anyone?




I had a very cool Halloween song that I might have shared before.  Starts with:

Jack ‘O Lanterns big black cats and witches that fly in the sky!

I'll get you my pretty, and your little guns too! (hope I don't get deleted)

I’ll get you my pretty, and your little guns too!
(hope I don’t get deleted)

Halloween also led us straight into the other holidays later on.  Used to be we kept the Halloween harvesty feeling way past Thanksgiving and I loved that.  I remember when Christmas didn’t really start til a week or two before Christmas.  Again, that was over 50 years ago and I don’t think that stores were even open on Sundays.  I think they started doing that in the late 60’s, some of them.  I love autumn!  It’s just a great time of year for so many reasons.


Less than a month until Thanksgiving if anyone cares and coming soon to a super market near you, GMO enhanced poultry, also known as




chicken-creepy chicken-creepy-2

Have a safe and Happy Halloween to those that celebrate.

Pleasant Dreams!


Daily Prompt: Careful. Halloween is Fast Approaching!


Jack-o-Lanterns, big black cats and witches that fly cross the moon!  Will be coming very soon!  So be careful at this time of year!


Daily Prompt: Stumpy Blossoms

I’m here to share a design secret of a semi-professional artist!

The following is what I did to a watercolor/acrylic piece I made quite by accident a few years ago.

I created it when I was “doodling” absent-mindedly while interrupted with a phone call from my actual art work and I grabbed a silk flower blossom that had come loose days before, stuck it in some pink acrylic paint that had been thinned with acrylic gloss medium.  I began randomly stamping a small piece of water color paper.  Looking over what I had done later, I got the idea to turn them into a field of flowers by turning the picture upside down and holding a good size wash brush soaked with various colors of metallic water color paint and letting it run down naturally, missing the dried pink flowers due to the protection of the acrylic glaze in the paint.  It created stumpy looking leaves and stems in this field of true “wild” flowers.

I then scanned it so I could play with it some more.  Please see further details on each picture.  I became bored of studying fine arts many years ago thanks to digital photography and computer software.  I’m not going to say that it made me lazy but it’s sometimes nice just to scan or take pictures of your art and further enhance it for print work for various effects.  Hope this inspires you!  God bless!

The original scanned watercolor.

The original scanned watercolor.

Placed a "watercolor" effect with Microsoft Photodraw which enhanced everything.

Placed a “watercolor” effect with Microsoft Photodraw which enhanced everything.

Increased the color saturation to +50 really making the colors "pop" I think the kids call it.

Increased the color saturation to +50 really making the colors “pop” I think the kids call it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let’s Dance!

Dancing is the best form of exercise there is.  Better than walking or running, helps with coordination, memory, balance, muscle strength and it feels so good!

Take a class or just free style it.  Belly Dancing is fun!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

The love of my life and His message to the world is:

IfYouLoveMeKeepmyCommandmentsTreat others as you wish to be treated.  A very simple concept.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

Enjoy the harmony of designs from one single blossom and my computer software.  Microsoft PhotoDraw and Ulead PhotoImpact 5.

Original image from my yard

Original image from my yard


Colored pencil with various color formatting then layered four on a black page to begin my images.

More computer enhancement to come in future posts with more detail.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant Optimism


Two birds!

Hoping to keep blogging in 2016.  I have to renew next month and I’m not sure I am up to this anymore.  I have really lost the enthusiasm I once had to do a good job.  I have not been happy with the quality or consistency of my posts since I started.  I don’t know if others have this problem.  I have always  struggled with many issues in my life and you would think by now I would be used to that and just make myself do it for the sake of others enjoyment.

I don’t have the same drive I did when I was younger.  I had such high hopes for my life about ten years back but when life keeps punching you in the gut without much of a chance to breathe in between, sooner or later you’re going down whether you like it or not.

That being said.  I am planning on stopping my other blog, musingsofamenopausalmaven.com.  Maybe if I concentrate on just pogirlshines.me, I’ll do a better job.  The other blog was meant to be a place that I was going to bitch about life and the state of our country and the world in general and the ideas I have to do something about it, of which I have many.  They are doable, but since fixing things would mean our wealthy and the large corporations would have to start playing fair, probably not going to happen in my lifetime.  Besides we all need to say something or do something.  They tend not to take a handful of people’s opinion very seriously.

I’ll still get in a number of posts before I quit it and I will have to get serious about this blog or stop it as well.  The fact that everyone and his brother and sister blog now, makes me very insignificant in the grand scheme of things, even though we’re all different and we all count.  I don’t have a thriving social life at this time since I’m older and I don’t drink or do drugs and I still haven’t found a church that excites me to show up to every week let alone become involved in.

Back to the Photo Challenge at hand.  Something vibrant and optimistic.  There is something very vibrant about optimism to begin with.  I guess it’s not super optimistic to be speaking about quitting something, but I think when you lose your passion for something or someone, it shows.

Spring is the perfect example of Vibrant optimism.


Psalms 9 1


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