Weekly Photo Challenge: We Have Already Won!

God’s Children know the victory is already theirs.  Never give up, never surrender because we all know that the devil fights you the hardest when he feels you are a worthy adversary!


Why God, Why?

I always ask this when bad things happen to good or innocent people.  People minding their own business, doing the right thing.  All I ask is for you to question what is going on today in a real way.  Don’t just listen to what I or others have to say about it.  Get in a quiet place literally and within yourself and think about what the problem really seems to be and ask God what you can do to make a difference for the better.

blessings for ParisG

The world needs positive change.  Not just any change.

Dare to be someone’s hero.


Please Pray for France

Photo post.

Source: Please Pray for France

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

This has been an extraordinary Autumn for me.  It’s a glorious transformation from summer to fall in the country like this.  Helps me to deal with my loss and other changes I am still getting used to with something to be grateful for.  God is good!  Enjoy the last hurrah of fall!  As my about page states, look but don’t touch.

If you look carefully you will see something I missed when I took one of my water pictures poking his head above the water.  He blended right in!

Daily Prompt: I Do Scream


icecreammisc2012springicecreammisc 007


Weekly Photo Challenge: Tweety Treat Two

This was my treat for waiting and believing that I would be able to get a good shot of this little guy that was jumping and tweeting at the speed of light through the shrubs last week.

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