Vanilla & Berries Coffee Cake for Sunday Morning

Found a recipe for French Vanilla Blueberry Steusel Coffee Cake on the website  Looked interesting but as usual I changed up the recipe and here it is!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

It’s the way I walk.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Nothing better than kissing a baby!kiss2

Be Honest, Guns Don’t Kill People



Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Some squirrels have made themselves at “home” in a tree in my backyard.  I could tell by the insulation that we would be in for a cold winter.

squirrelhomeJan2013Misc 018 squirrelhomeJan2013Misc 019


Apparently they raided my neighbors patio cushions and pulled out the stuffing to insulate it.  So stylish & cozy!

The resident squirrel taking a bow.

The resident squirrel taking a bow.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

I love trying to shoot pictures of dragonflys in the summer.  I love their unique beauty.


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