Don’t Mess With The IRS

Don’t Mess With The IRS An Unauthorized Customer Service Guide to Resolving Your ACS Collection Issues is an overview of much-needed information on what to expect when you contact the IRS for tax resolution after your case has been sent to Collections for Individuals, the self-employed and small businesses.  It covers various topics including unfiled returns, various tax deficiencies and the  penalties and interest involved.  Explains how to resolve most issues and what to expect when you are not compliant and how to address any collection actions such as liens on property and levies (ganishments) on your banks or your wages. 

This book tells you what your options are when you feel your back is up against the wall with your Federal taxes and what your rights are as a taxpayer.  You will be coached and warned how you can legally resolve most issues without the help of any costly tax resolution company, that will sometimes cause you more harm than good.  Shows you how you can prevent collection action as well as how to get your levies released and depending on the issue, a lien withdrawn, not released.  The book explains how important it is to know the difference between the two.  The ever promised “Offer in Compromise” (pennies on the dollar) will be explained so you can verify in advance if you even qualify for it.  Few do, but most tax companies will lead you to believe otherwise. 

To order a copy of this Federal tax self-help book, send postal money order or cashier’s check only for$14.95 + 3.50 postage & handling =$18.45 total (Michigan residents add the additional 90 cents sales tax) =$19.35 to: Po’ Girl Publications, PO Box 2464, Dearborn Mi  48123.  Allow 2-4 weeks to receive.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

One of the saddest things about love is when you have to die for it.  Why does anyone have to die for love?  That defeats the purpose of love.  We all need to start living for love and not allowing anyone or anything to make us quit, slow us down or stop us!  We need to make sure that no one has to die for love again.  Too many soldiers and men of peace have died since Jesus gave his life as a sacrifice over 2000 years ago.  Too many lives are ended by those who have no hope or peace in their hearts.  Those who don’t know what love is.  Jesus gave us the knowledge that we truly can do anything if we have enough faith.  He told us that if we really love him, we will keep his commandment of loving one another.  If it wasn’t hard to do, it wouldn’t have to be a commandment, but it can be done.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Wonder what you’ll find just beyond this garden gate.


Taking A Bad Sketch to a Whole New Level

I still have the old Photo Draw 2000 software from Microsoft, and love it.  I have since purchased Photoshop Elements, but have yet to use it.

Try something different or creative with any of you art or photos.  My favorite effect is to use the “cut out” by color, then change the search mode from global to local and make sure the “put in new picture” is checked.  Do this effect in various areas of the selected picture and when finished, select to fill from the format tab.  There I selected the gradient fill for the colors but you can replace it with a photo, texture or all one color.  It will only fill in the areas of the sketch that you clicked to cut out, which is the effect I wished to achieve.  I then used “Designer Effects” from the Effects tab to enhance the color and contrast to my taste.  I finished by layering the enhanced picture over a dark purple background color that had to be created from the default picture after the picture setup was changed from landscape to portrait.

Anyone else out there fool around with their photos or art like this?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

One illuminated window in an old house in Toronto.

One illuminated window in an old house in Toronto.

Saw this illuminated cross on a garage when taking a walk.

Saw this illuminated cross on a garage when taking a walk.

Detroit at twilight.  You can see part of the Ambassador Bridge.

Detroit at twilight. You can see part of the Ambassador Bridge.

Tiny twinkling lights in the distance appear much larger in this garden shot.

Tiny twinkling lights in the distance appear much larger in this garden shot.

Make The Most of Your Time Here



Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I am resolved to keep moving forward even though I am tempted to give up, quit or otherwise be very scared and lazy.

I am resolved to post more information to help people with their daily lives.

I am resolved to finally market my self-published tax self-help book this year.

I am resolved to finding a permanent home this year to nest until I really get to go home. 

Even though I can't see the finish line, I will just keep trucken'!

Even though I can’t see the finish line, I will just keep trucken’!

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