Altering Photos

                                                                                                                                                   Placed small daisys around the border and accented the edges of a daisy picture.  You will need to cut a daisy out for the edge effect and copy paste til desired effect is acheived.

Getting Things Off Your Chest

Do you ever get the impression that some people think of you merely as a cog in a wheel? 

Or maybe they don’t think of you at all because they are too busy thinking about themselves. 

I like to put down troubled feelings in my art and poem/songs when I get perturbed.  Example

Testing One, Two, Three! Got a Blogsite Cause It’s Free!

This is my first blog.  I found Windows Live Writer, which is apparently formated to upload blogs to WordPress, when I started investigating all the things my Windows 7 could do.  Maybe later I will upgrade, after I become a little more expert. Coming up, window sill herbs, sewing, jewelry making and preparing the yard for spring!

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