Daily Prompt: Sanctuary

Does such a place exist anymore?

Maybe somewhere over the rainbow.

Many find their own bedroom a place of sanctuary from the rest of the world. I especially felt this way as a kid still at home with my big family. My family still reminds me of when I used to hide away in there after school, not doing homework but eating fudgesicles and reading what they called “Beatles Magazines” like Teen Beat or 16 magazine.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

At first I thought what an odd Theme for a weekly photo challenge until I remembered this picture taken at one of my friend’s wedding years ago.

As usual, I touched up the one photo for everyone else’s privacy, just something I do for certain pictures.

img012 retouched

Me with one of my old 35mm camera’s at a friend’s wedding. We had a blast!

My friend thought he was so cute when he took this unexpected snapshot of me with the cherry. I was eating everyone's desserts that night.

My friend thought he was so cute when he took this unexpected snapshot of me with the cherry. I was eating everyone’s desserts that night.

Discover Challenge: The Things We Leave Behind

Things are left behind for various reasons.heartred

Sometimes it’s part of your heart.


Some of us have had to leave our homes in the past and go on to other adventures in our lives.


Sometimes it’s people we love or used to.  Sometimes it’s the life we used to live.




Sometimes we are leaving actual “things” behind.  Things we paid for but of no real value.  The false importance we placed on the “thing” due to some great marketing campaign and the idea of keeping our economy viable.  Truth is, the more things we leave behind, the more we can actually start living again.  Many born past 1980 never got to live, they have been “consuming” since birth.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

Details of summer flowers.

Daily Prompt: Clouds From Both Sides Now

“I really don’t know clouds at all.”  Joni Mitchell (Both Sides, Now)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

Just a little fun with Microsoft PhotoDraw.

Daily Prompt: Water, Water Everywhere

Soon there may not be a drop to drink.

Something to think about.

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