Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

War is a relic of our Neanderthal ways.

We all know better and have evolved a bit since then, but instead of stopping this stupidity we use any technical advancements for more diabolical weaponry.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’


I love all the birds and animals in my yard every summer.  Had to completely give up on the vegetable garden this year, but did get a few red and black raspberries.  Enjoy the little chipmunk I bated with a couple of the berries.

Daily Prompt: Brick Revival

Another Artist Retreat!

Like artists need a place to create! We can create anywhere when we stop procrastinating.

I have just inherited my family’s estate in the Toronto countryside and have decided to turn the home and the many acres surrounding it to an artist retreat!  The gardens won’t be a problem, they just need to be loved back into existence, but the house is another story.  The nice thing is I will be able to provide some jobs among the locals fixing it up, not to mention office help and a permanent grounds keeper.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Lilies of the Field


Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

Spring Maple Leaves

Spring Maple Leaves

Fall Maple Leaves

Fall Maple Leaves

Fair Sky

Fair Sky

Stormy Sky

Stormy Sky

Local Heavy Metal Band Blacksmith

The Beatles

The Beatles


Happy Birthday Wish



IRS Self-Help

I apologize that I have sorely neglected information regarding IRS tax resolution, which I used to do for a living.

As an expert in IRS tax collection matters, I am recommending “Don’t Mess With The IRS” as an inexpensive way to resolve any ACS tax collection issue from non-filing to options for paying any penalties or back tax.

The book also covers very important information on how to go about resolving your issues so that you cover every base.  What to do before you call such as having a working pen and paper to write down ALL the information you are given because deadlines are very important and time frames to resolve are always given to the taxpayers.  How to get legitimate legal representation if you should need it is covered as well as what you can expect during your initial contact with the IRS.  This book is invaluable if you have any Federal tax issues or expect to have them.


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