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Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Enjoy this gallery of textures!


Summer Garden 2014

I’ve had this Hydrangea shrub for many years.  I admit to having transplanted it several times due to the shade that keeps appearing every couple of years.  Some caused by my trees and shrubs sprouting up in the vicinity and once due to a neighbor planting several very large privacy shrubs near his fence line.  Making up for lost time, it not only decided to bloom all the colors of the rainbow on one shrub.  Nice feat when you consider that the Hydrangea’s color is determined by the PH balance of its soil.


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Check out the 3 butterflies I caught in mid-air to the left of the flower!

Check out the 3 butterflies I caught in mid-air to the left of the flower!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

War is a relic of our Neanderthal ways.

We all know better and have evolved a bit since then, but instead of stopping this stupidity we use any technical advancements for more diabolical weaponry.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’


I love all the birds and animals in my yard every summer.  Had to completely give up on the vegetable garden this year, but did get a few red and black raspberries.  Enjoy the little chipmunk I bated with a couple of the berries.

Daily Prompt: Brick Revival

Another Artist Retreat!

Like artists need a place to create! We can create anywhere when we stop procrastinating.

I have just inherited my family’s estate in the Toronto countryside and have decided to turn the home and the many acres surrounding it to an artist retreat!  The gardens won’t be a problem, they just need to be loved back into existence, but the house is another story.  The nice thing is I will be able to provide some jobs among the locals fixing it up, not to mention office help and a permanent grounds keeper.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Lilies of the Field


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